A Camera that understands what it sees!

QView is a revolutionary camera that understands what it sees, bringing analytics, insights, real time notification and better security to your retail centers, offices and homes.

State of the Art Technology

Q-view is equipped with the latest technology to bring meaningful insights and analytics using deep learning-based motion detection and tracking of humans, vehicles, face recognition and license plate recognition.

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With AI, the possibilities of intelligent Surveillance is immense and QView is exploring these possibilities, bringing insights that will enable better decision making.

Charles Njoku
Design Lead, Arone Technologies

Smart Analytics with -

Most facilities with surveillance cameras have too many video feeds to monitor in real time – operators are overwhelmed. Review of video for decision making is too time consuming and critical events are missed – impacting costs and your business reputation.

With QInsights, video streams from your QView Unit is analysed immediately and all analytics and insights you require to make any decision is provided to you.

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It takes more than 48hrs to go over live camera feeds, imagine you have less than 24hrs to make a decision as events unfold. QInsights empowers smart decision making as fast as possible with Live Push notifications for critical events

Emmanuel Ezenwere
CEO, Arone Technologies

Built for Anyone, Anywhere

At your comfort from any device anywhere, live feeds from your Qview unit is streamed to you and with QInsights you can get smart insights and analytics as events unfold.

You can also preset specific triggers and as soon as they are set off you will receive live push notifications .

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Formerly, if I needed to access video feeds from our surveillance cameras I will have to do that from the control room. Today, I can be in London and have live feeds streamed to me via Qview.
I love it.

Alphonsus Utazi
CEO, Alphotazi Farms

Why Qview?

Saves You Time

Qview lets your team cut through the clutter and focus on assessing abnormal events, saving time and being in control.

A Reliable Partner

Qview understands what it sees and provides you with insights you can rely on. As events unfold you are able to receive real time notifications and view insights from the convenience of your smart device.

Easy to Set up and Use

QView is simple and easy to set up and use in any facility. With our plug and pay approach, we are able to integrate into your new or existing surveillance infrastructure. All Qview units are embedded with a 24-hour backup power.


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